I live in France now.

If you had told me last May that one year from now I’d be living in France, in a town I’d never heard of, with the love of my life, I would have called you crazy. But here we are, living the next chapter of our love story.

So far it’s been a pretty good love story. The prologue began in December 2015, when V and I met in Curaçao, out to dinner with mutual friends. V is funny, engaging, handsome, tall. He’s half French and half Greek, and as my two favorite countries are France and Greece, we had a lot to talk about. He took time off work that week to show me the island – a 6 AM hike of Mt. Cristoffel, snorkeling in the clear blue Caribbean, napping on a sandy beach. He even threw in a crepe-making lesson. Chapter One of our love story found us in Montreal three months later for our weekend-long first date, which included foie gras for dinner, strolls around the wintry city, and a first kiss serenaded by Edith Piaf on the record player. Since then it’s been a global romance, with rendezvous in Willemstad, Boston, Brest, Philadelphia, and even Christmas in Paris.

Last summer V asked me to consider moving to France with him. 10 months later, I’ve put on hold my fulfilling career as a physician, I’ve packed up my apartment and a friend has moved in, and I’ve followed my heart to Western Brittany.

Here’s the view from our veranda:

In the distance you can see the Rade de Brest (Bay of Brest). It’s a beautiful sunny, warm day (not a given for May in Brittany). V came home for lunch and we had a delicious frittata with sliced tomatoes on top, and fresh greens topped with a simple balsamic vinaigrette, with juicy cherries for dessert. Soon I’ll go for a walk into town to get ingredients for tonight’s dinner, and later I’ll go for my first spinning class at the gym we just joined (got to keep some of my old life in the picture).

I hope you will join me as I share stories of my life in France!

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