The Caribbean comes to Brittany.

V and I both love the beach. Last weekend the weather was beautiful. Lots of sun and over 80 degrees. Obviously it was the perfect opportunity to hit the beach and bring a picnic. We went to a spot we had hiked past before, which looks like a Caribbean beach from afar. On the walk there we passed this lovely beach.

 Gorgeous, right? Luckily we did not stop there as it was mainly covered by high tide a couple of hours later.

We hiked a while longer and climbed down to this, more secluded beach:

(I took this photo last fall and the water this weekend was even bluer, though there were a few more people on the beach.) Vassilis wasn’t too keen on continuing the trek down to the beach, but I encouraged him. “It’s sort of shallow, and the sun is out, so maybe that will make it warmer!” I said. Yeah. Not so much. Looks like the Caribbean, but feels like the North Atlantic!

We did have a lovely picnic. Broccoli, tomato and chickpea salad, lentil and quinoa salad, and of course a nice bottle of rosé. God I love France.

We are now trying to keep warm from the memories of the sun’s rays, as it has been much chillier and cloudier with a high of around 60 for the past couple of days. Ah, Bretagne! Such a tease.

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