Turns out smoking is bad for you.

I’ve noticed that in France, the cigarette packets come with explicit warnings and graphic photos. For example, I saw this piece of litter on the sidewalk today (ironically, just outside of the shop that sells caskets and tombstones. Seriously.):

My French is still terrible, but I think this means “smoking butchers your arteries”. I had seen this and wondered if it actually served as a deterrent to smoking… and then we went for an apéro (cocktails) at a friend’s house and everyone was smoking. I guess not. Incidentally, I think that these package warnings would be a great idea in America, but I’m sure Donald Trump would have something to say about the negative effect on the cigarette industry.

I left a few unanswered questions in yesterday’s blog, and I’m sure you’ve all been hanging by a thread waiting for the answers. Fear not, I’m at your service.

1. The tart. It was disappointing. Rather bitter. I don’t know how apricots become bitter with long slow cooking and extra sugar. Any other bakers out there have experience with apricot baked goods?

2. The porc. It was amazingly delicious. Aside from bacon (duh) I have never cooked pork before, and let me tell you I am a convert. It was also really fun to pound the crap out of the pork to turn it into a cutlet. Voila, the finished product:

3. The new friend! Even more exciting than baked goods and pig products is the fact that I turned my Internet friend into my IRL friend. We had a nice lunch today and she and her husband liked the madeleines I brought. Obviously I love hanging out with V but it’s nice to broaden my circle a little.

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