Back to the land.

Overall, food is less processed in France than it is in the US. You can seek out American junk food, but it remains quite difficult to find mac & cheese, for example, and I don’t think you could find a slice of Kraft American cheese no matter how hard you looked. The meat, milk, cheese, and eggs just taste fresher and better. For the most part, this is a really good thing. Tastier and healthier are two excellent attributes in my book!

But then sometimes you encounter the gross/weird stuff that we’re protected from in the US.  Like this egg for example.


That’s a little chicken feather on it. Which is weird, but not so gross, of course. Not pictured is the half dozen eggs we bought at the bio (organic) market which were covered in a thick layer of… whatever gross stuff is found in the cloaca. (Literally all the gross stuff is found in the cloaca.) I definitely washed those eggs off before cracking them into the frying pan. 

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