A French scavenger hunt.

Last week I started noticing some yellow marks around my little town. The kind you see on hiking trails.

Here’s one that was near our grocery store. I noticed that there were a few right in front of our apartment building, leading down the narrow street right there. Being the curious and slightly adventurous type, I decided to see where the trail led.

That trail marker was one of the more obvious ones. The trail was occasionally difficult to follow, and I lost it once or twice, but ultimately led me all over town.

I got to see some things I wouldn’t have thought existed! Like this beautiful allée. It was clearly marked “private property” (even I can interpret “propriété privée”) so I didn’t walk down it, but I was quite curious to see what beautiful property it led to.

There was a point that I lost the trail, which I believe is where it led down to the shore, so I’ll have to re-explore another day. 6.5 miles was enough for me on this day of exploration, though.

I would love to know where this hidden door leads to!

I am a total sucker for flowers growing out of a wall. I think that’s why I find France so charming.

And the spring flowers are in bloom all over!

Someday, spring will come to Boston. I promise.

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