Pop-up Picasso.

I recently passed through Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris and they had a pop-up Picasso museum! I developed a real appreciation for Picasso after going to the Picasso museum in Barcelona in 2013. It is very cool and well-curated museum, presented chronologically so you can understand his progression as an artist. I was so pleased to notice the airport museum on my most recent trip through – and realized that I’ve missed other pop-up museums (presented by various Paris art museums) in that same space over the years.

The exhibit was small but really nice, with great detail and explanation about the artwork.

This sculpture was so cool and clever – really interesting and creative even by Picasso’s standards.

 “Woman with Amphora”, in which both the woman and the amphora she is holding appear to be functional vases.

I did get the impression that they may have gotten the odds and ends from the Picasso Museum.


On the other hand I did really enjoy this painting, “Dejeuner sur l’herbs after Manet”. I like to place artwork in the context of other artists.


I think that in Europe they do a great job of incorporating art into public spaces, and this was a great example! If you’re passing through CDG, definitely seek out this pop-up museum in the international terminal 2E.

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