Bonne week-end!

I’m excited to report that my two friends from Paris arrive tonight for a weekend visit! Aside from V, they are my two favorite people in this whole country, so it’s kind of a big deal. We have lots of plans including American-style burgers on the grill, visiting a quaint nearby city that has an excellent market and our favorite creperie, seeing the dramatic cliffs of Crozon peninsula, sunset dinner at the vivier, and a picnic on the beach. 

I’ve been cooking up a storm in preparation for their visit, while V has been cleaning up a storm (don’t tell him, but I definitely got the good end of that deal). The tasty treats include these quite delicious buckwheat-banana-carrot muffins from Nigella Lawson’s latest cookbook. 

Gluten free, if you’re into that kind of thing. We are in the land of sarrasin (buckwheat) flour here in Bretagne. I also made this yummy lemon cake, though I did not use the called-for glaze and the lemon syrup made it a bit too sweet for my taste. Damn you Ina Garten and your diabetes-inducing recipes.


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