Weekend in Berlin, Part 2.

Happy 4th, y’all! For the first time ever, I was out of the US on Independence Day. I didn’t get to see any fireworks, but as I explained to V, I would have been working if I’d have been in the States, so it was no great loss.

We continued our long weekend in Berlin with long walks in the rain, history lessons, and lots of meat products.

We tried currywurst, which as best as I can figure is a sausage topped with ketchup and curry powder. It’s better than it sounds. Prost!

We went to the Gemaldgalerie which is filled with Old Masters paintings from all around Europe. I loved it but have also recently developed a greater appreciation for Renaissance art by websites such as Renaissance Babies Who Can’t Even.

Follow me into the museum, where I learn that Mary probably could have used a lactation consultant…

 …and Bosch provided inspiration for George Lucas in the original Star Wars.

 Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?

 Also, it is possible that strip poker was an earlier invention than initially thought.

Carrying our German car theme, we stopped at the Volkswagen flagship store, where V beat me at a cycling game and won a pair of Skoda socks, and I learned that this Lamborghini is so fuel inefficient that it earns a “G” grade. I can only assume that this means the car actually cuts down trees as it drives along.

We were getting a little tired of sausages and schnitzel. What do you do when you are with a Greek in Germany? You find one of the only Greek restaurants in town, of course. And you eat there twice.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen V happier than when he is surrounded by octopus, halloumi, and tiropita, while drinking a Mythos beer.

We also visited the Jewish History Museum, the Topography of Terror, and the German History Museum. It’s tougher to make jokes about these sites. I will say that the Germans are very good at confronting the atrocities committed in their recent history. Also, I got to see the circa 1650 version of the Ebola protection suit, this crazy getup meant to protect doctors against the plague:

Additionally, we should all make it #lifegoals to have our head sculpted onto a commercially available nutcracker, as in the case of Chancellor Bismarck.

Thank you, Berlin. You’ve been wonderful, but we’re not in a great rush to return.

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