Oh, those summer nights.

We are really far west in France. Our little peninsula of Finistere juts out into the Atlantic, and we are as far west as you can get in this time zone. (For illustration, England is almost entirely east of where we are, and it’s one time zone behind us.)


Right now, in the long summer days, I am loving it, but I’m sure it will be a different story in December and January, when the sun doesn’t rise until 9 and it gets dark at 4.

But today we made great use of the long day. We got a late start to the day, after a hair appointment for me in the morning and a leisurely lunch on our veranda of grilled sausages and a roasted vegetable orzo salad. We went to the beach at around 4, which would usually be late, but when we left at 7:30 the sun was still high in the sky.


Do you love V’s Red Sox hat? Last summer he was on his own, walking to the beach wearing the hat and some J. Crew swim trunks, and a little French boy kept staring at him and finally said “Hello, American!” I was ever so proud when I heard that story.

After the beach, we headed to a crêperie with a beautiful view of the sea. I do love crêpes especially the ones with a beautiful shiny egg yolk in the middle.


This one also had emmental and salmon inside. And, of course no crêpe is complete without a glass of cider alongside.

As we left at 9:30, the sun was just starting to think about setting.


And yes, that’s a palm tree waving in the breeze.

We are looking forward to a weekend filled with rosé, oysters, and the beach. Bon week-end to you and yours!


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