A three hour tour.

As you may know, I celebrated a milestone birthday this past weekend. The birthday could have been weird or sad, as I was celebrating in a foreign country without any friends or family nearby except for V. Well, my darling V gave me the most marvelous day from start to finish.

Coolest amongst the birthday surprises was a compilation of videos, wishing me a happy birthday, from friends and family all around the world. It felt like I had all my people with me in my living room in the middle of France! It was quite the undertaking by V and I was so grateful for it.

He also treated me to breakfast on the veranda, with a stack of homemade crêpes and the fluffiest omelet I have ever eaten.


He gave me the French equivalent of the “little blue box”, the big orange box which contained a beautiful, timeless scarf.


Like Gilligan and his crew, we set out on a three hour tour of the Rade de Brest, exploring the coastline and sitting down to a delicious lunch of crab from one the best restaurants in town.


We passed close to the naval ship graveyard…


…and under our favorite bridge.


The bridge is curved and very cool to drive over, and just as cool to sail under, it turns out.


The whole boat sang happy birthday to me. Well, they sang “Joyeux Anniversaire.” As friend of the blog Natasha says, “That V is a keeper.” I think so too. Best birthday ever and definitely softens the blow of turning (eek!) 40.


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