A glamorous visit to Paris.

On the way home from Provence, we stopped in Paris for two nights, staying at V’s family’s pied à terre in Montmartre. How exciting! how glamorous! … you might think. Well, just so you don’t go thinking that my life is all sunshine, rainbows, and glasses of rosé, I’ll tell you how the visit played out.

We had a lovely, late dinner on Saturday night at a neighborhood Japanese restaurant. I managed to use some of the new French I’ve learned to make a substitution in my sushi plate dinner order, and was quite proud of myself. Of course, later in the evening I developed food poisoning. So that was kind of miserable. (Remember? I may be allergic to France.) Luckily, I recovered quickly.

The next morning we set our alarm to help V’s friend move. Yes, that’s right, for 5 hours on Sunday morning in Paris I moved boxes and furniture and tried to make sure the cat didn’t escape from the apartment.

After our moving extravaganza we treated ourselves to burgers and fries at a brasserie. We sat outside, we had a beer, the burgers were delicious. The highlight of the visit, I’d say. And we totally earned that burger.

Glad I ordered my burger medium, V’s “rare” was basically tartare

At the next table over there were two young women on holiday in Paris. They epitomized the American millenial by instagramming their glasses of wine before they could take a sip.

Seriously, the girl on the left is sharing the wine glass photo on Instagram at this very moment. I think her friend agrees that she’s a little ridiculous.

I did get the chance to stop at one of my favorite Paris museums, the Centre Pompidou, where they had an excellent, well-curated David Hockney exhibit, and an interesting Walker Evans exhibit. I’ve been fascinated with the building since the first time I went to Paris, in 1998.

The exterior escalator, encased in a plastic tube, is crazy hot on a sunny summer day.

On balance it was a fun visit, of course. But I’m hoping that my next visit to the City of Lights will be lighter on gastrointestinal distress and moving boxes, and heavier on escargot and champagne.

2 Replies to “A glamorous visit to Paris.”

  1. Lindsay! I love that you were making fun of the millennial’s, lest you forget that you and I were once the millennial equivalent! I’m sure we took many a silly photo on our awesome trip together although instead of sipping wine and looking chick I just remember a series of photos of different McDonald’s across Europe ! So jealous of your current adventures in and glad you’re having a wonderful time !!


    1. You are so right Liz. And yes those ladies definitely looked chic and probably weren’t stopping at any McDonald’s! I can’t believe we did that! I will have to review our old photos to find out how chic we looked.


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