Life in a fairy tale.

Apologies for the long blog hiatus. I was back in Boston for a week working at the hospital which turned out to be exhausting – between the night shifts and the subsequent jet lag, it took me a while to recover. And once I recovered, we immediately set off for Paris and Champagne for a family wedding. Such is the life I lead <le sigh>.

Friends, you would not believe the wedding I attended. The setting was truly taken from a fairy tale. V’s cousin Cyril married Arielle, an American from Miami. Cyril is a farmer in Champagne. To clarify for the uninitiated, this means that he owns a vineyard and produces the most amazing champagne. We’re talking Veuve territory.

V wanted to know why they didn’t just have the wedding at the vineyard and its associated hotel. Ah, boys can be so silly sometimes. Clearly, the bride wanted to be a princess for a day at the magnificent chateau that was the setting for the wedding. Mission accomplished, Arielle.

The long path to the chateau progressed through a tunnel of trees.


Emerging from the trees we found the chateau, which looked pretty close to a castle.


(Incidentally, when you attend a family wedding in France, you give and receive more cheek kisses than I thought possible. Two when you greet someone. Two more if you forgot you already greeted them. Two more at the end of the evening. Two more when you arrive at the brunch the next morning, and two more when you depart. I’ve learned that in some countries, it’s three kisses, so apparently we get off easy in France.)

Obviously, we had to take the obligatory chateau selfie.


The ceremony was held in front of the chateau, just before the bridge that led over the moat. Yes, there was a moat. Sadly, it no longer held water (though this was probably the safest bet given the late-night, champagne-fueled shenanigans that I witnessed).


It was a lovely ceremony officiated by the groom’s sister. The groom said his vows in English, while the bride said hers in French. A nice touch.


Now, when the groom owns a champagne vineyard, cocktail hour must include the biggest bottle of champagne I’ve ever seen.


And when the bride’s family is from Trinidad, cocktail hour must feature a steel drum band.


We ate dinner surrounded by antique portraits and lovely flower arrangements…


…and every guest had his own bottle of champagne. Not sure what they did at the kids’ table.


The food was possibly the best wedding food I’ve ever had. Of course, it came with perfect wine pairings, both from Cyril’s vineyard and from the vineyards of his wine-industry friends.

We danced the night away, and I gave thanks that I wore my comfortable heels. The champagne was still flowing freely when I departed for the hotel at 3. All weddings in France are like this, right?

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