August included two weeks in the US for a combination of work and “les vacances”. (Yes, in France, you don’t just have a vacance singular, you have vacances. In my current state of increased leisure I fit right in.) It was a whirlwind trip with lots of overnight shifts, time with family, and a couple of outings with friends.

The first day back, I joined Natasha in the day camp she was running for her two kids. Since Miss Natasha and I worked together as camp counselors back in the day, we ran a tight ship (so to speak) during our boating trip on Jamaica Pond.


I also spent a week on Cape Cod with my family. Highlights included watching sailboats and seals pass by as I lounged on the beach with my parents…


…goofy moments with my niece Mary the mermaid…

….and shucking oysters on the beach with Uncle Roger.


Right before my return to work more overnights, I spent an afternoon with Zaidee on the shores of a pond. It was a partly cloudy day which actually provided ideal viewing conditions to watch the eclipse! It was a partial eclipse for us in Massachusetts and the cloud cover allowed us to steal occasional glimpses of the sun without fear of burning our retinas. Turns out the partial eclipse doesn’t photograph particularly well with the iPhone, but I saw it, trust me!


I imagine that the American interlude isn’t quite as interesting as my overseas adventures… Don’t worry, we’ll head back to Europe tomorrow.

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