Great Danes!

My journey to Greece in late August included a long layover in Copenhagen. I try to avoid long layovers but this one was inevitable as my original flight was cancelled. I was exhausted after a sleepless redeye flight from Boston, but figured that I wouldn’t make it back to Denmark anytime soon, so a day of exploration ensued. 10 miles of walking, all told, on zero sleep.

(That’s one benefit, to be sure, of my erratic schedule as an emergency physician. Jet lag affects me less than most people, since I am more or less in a constant state of jet lag in my real life.)

I took the obligatory photos of Nyhavn. Less impressive under the dim, early morning Nordic sky – especially after having seen the similar stretch of buildings under the bright Caribbean sky in Willemstad, Curacao.

I noticed that clever Danish design extends even to industrial sites, as illustrated by the interesting building attached to these smokestacks.


Along with a busload of Chinese tourists, I checked out the Little Mermaid statue at the entrance to Copenhagen harbor.


I strolled through Kastellet park which is an active military installation, but also quite lovely, shaped like a star, elevated above the town, and filled with Danish joggers on a Saturday morning.


I saw the bikes for which the city is famous, leaning up against pretty, colorful homes.

I decided that I would want to live on this street if I moved to Copenhagen.


I didn’t have time to sample the famous Nordic cuisine but I did have a delicious street side brunch.


I became grossed out by this pedicure! And later found out that it’s also common in Greece.


Farvel, Copenhagen, I’m off to Greece!


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