Paris, off the beaten track.

I am now in the enviable position of being a frequent enough visitor to Paris that I can explore the minor sights and seek out the hidden gems. I can go to the Louvre if I want, but I don’t have to. We visit friends there, we pass through on the way to other destinations, and it’s only a 3.5 hour train ride from our home.

We were there in the fall for a friend’s birthday party, and spent an afternoon just strolling around the city. We visited, for the first time, the hauntingly beautiful Pére Lachaise cemetery, resting place of Jim Morrison and Edith Piaf.

When it rained we ducked into a café and saw this woman, surely one of the more intriguing characters in a city filled with them. (Colorful outfit not withstanding, the cigarette behind the ear is my favorite part.)


We had a leisurely lunch and I discovered the existence of the café gourmand, which is an espresso and a selection of the restaurant’s desserts. How did I not know about this previously?!


We stopped at the Grand Mosque of Paris and had a Moroccan mint tea. The Mosque is close to where V went to university, and he and his friends would gather there. As always it was fun to walk down his memory lane. (And if you’re thinking that our day was basically a café crawl, you’re pretty much correct.)

Next week: more Parisian exploration, and travel with me to the middle of the Atlantic as I visit Madeira.


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